About NGCT

The Northern Greece Contest Team (NGCT) is Thessaloniki's specialized Greek Amateur Radio Team devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence in radio contesting. 
Our members share a common interest in the sport of amateur radio contesting and they have a wide range of contesting experience, from beginners to European or World Champions. 
They willingly share their knowledge and skills to promote ham radio contesting in Greece. 
Our goals are: 

  • To promote the fun, satisfaction and competitive thrill of radio contesting 
  • To help our members develop their operating and technical skills to become better contesters
  • To win the club competition of major amateur radio contests.

The Northern Greece Contest Team (NGCT) supports and encourages all types of contesting.

All our contest activity is dedicated to 
Panagioths (Panos) Gkekas SY2ALT 
who became SILENT KEY 
(Age :18 years) on the 14 Sep 2013